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Grader magazine about special equipment, trucks, vans, commercial transport and accessories

Thousands professionals are watching the market with us!

There are CEO's, top-managers and specialists of the sectoral companies who watching the industry processes and trends, analyze the market offers and looking for new parners .


58% – Top-managers, commercial directors and their deputies

16% Heads and specialists of transport departments of production and trade enterprises

14% – Head mechanics of enterprises and technical specialists, directly related to the maintenance of equipment

12%  Managers and specialists in supply and logistics


31%  Road-building companies 

21% – Public Utilities

24%  Construction companies

7% Transport companies

6% Manufacturers, suppliers of machinery, equipment and components

4% Companies offering rental / technical services

7% Department of roads, construction and housing and communal services, Rostechnadzor

Relevant topics and modern presentation of material, thats why companies choose us.


Key events in the market of special vehicles and commercial vehicles, changes in legislation, innovations and latest developments, M & A and other information in our summary.


With independent experts, we conduct test drives of various techniques: dignities, nuances and verdict after the tests can be seen in the fresh rooms and on the official YouTube channel.

«From every angle»

Our experts will show their knowledge in reviews of those or other problems and events in "round table discussion" format.


All about assistants in the communal, social sectors, and in the field of freight and passenger transportation. We talk with top managers and plunge the reader into the thick of events at industry events.


Review of new releases of constructing equipment (bulldozers, excavators, truck cranes, tipper equipment, etc.

d.), learning the features of use, economic side of practical experience of using.


Experts talk about the maintenance and give advice on how to extend the life of equipment.

«Road Builders»

How roads have constructed and maintained in Russia and other countries? What technologies are relevant and which are not? What prevents the repair? About this and not only we talk with the head of the road management in the Krasnoyarsk region.

«Close up»

Visually we show what solutions engineers used, and what tasks the machine can solve with their help.

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«Grader» magazine it is 

Own subscription technology and distribution with guaranty leads to only interested readers.

Printed version

  • Nominal courier delivery and mailing to profile enterprises;
  • Distribution at thematic exhibitions and conferences;
  • Delivery to trade unions, profile associations;
  • Delivery to regional forestry departments of regional administrations;

Electronic version

  • All materials are duplicated on the website
  • Publication of the electronic version of the magazine on industry portals;
  • Sending web-version to subscriber's e-mail.

Geographical footprint

  • Siberia - 63, 5%
  • Ural -11 %                                                               
  • Far East- 9%
  • Other regions-16,5%

Readers are almost always potential clients. With our promotion strategy  you will turn 
 readers of the magazine "Grader" into loyal fans of your brand.








Subscribe to our social networks and take part in life discussion on hot topics
Subscribe to our social networks and take part in life discussion on hot topics

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«Grader» magazine freely available on full time participation stand and on special media racks in different expo pavilions and event halls.

Advertisers  get effective channel of communication with already interested audience.

Significant set of advertising instruments allows to initiate an advertising campaing to any marketing target

Position on covers and in the image-block of the magazine

An excellent tool to underline the brand, draw attention to the company and the product.

Cost: from 29 500 rub.

Publication of articles in subject headings

Tell your potential customers about the benefits of working with your company, the competitive advantages of the product or service.

Cost: from 36 900 rub.

Placement of advertising layouts on internal pages

Show your product's "face" to your potential customers.

Cost: from 14 500 rub.

With the help of what we ensure the success of an advertising campaign?

Only target audience

 Readers of the magazine are CEO's and specialists of the profile enterprises responsible for selecting suppliers.            It is they who are delivered a magazine with your information.

Well and necessary content

The magazine is informative and interesting to the reader. This ensures that the published information about your company will not be left without attention.

High availability and free delivery

The magazine is distributed by courier service, by mail and at all specialized exhibitions for free. This makes it available, and allows you to reach the maximum number of customers.

Well thought out geographical footprint

Wide geography of presence on one side and an emphasis on the most promising regions will allow you to expand sales markets and reach new customers.

The magazine finds its reader.

In the telephone mode we are learning the readers' preferences and arrange delivery only for interested persons.

This brands already working with us

Our parners – this is big and middle sized companies for whom it is crucial to be in front of the target audience and they always find they represented by readers of the magazine.

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