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6 times a year.


12 000 copies. Controlled non-paid circulation.

Territory of distribution: 

Russian Federation.

Key regions: 

Kemerovo oblast, Krasnoyarsk krai

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Magazine reveals to the reader all opportunities for analysis and understanding of the mining industry «supplies» it with fresh and up-to-date information. «Mining Industry» – this is exclusively sectoral subjects and the practical focus of materials. 

Only what is really interesting and useful for the reader.

Hot Pages

Hot topic materials for minig industry Analytics, expert opinions, forecasts.

Our eyes

Articles about events on the world stage (not in Russia), which will invariably affect the economy and scientific activity in the industry with comments from Russian experts.

Oil and Gas Sector

Materials on the extraction and processing of hydrocarbons required for this mashines and equipment, as well as enterprises in this field.

Black diamond

Everything related to the extraction, delivery, enrichment and processing of coal, as well as the enterprises of this sphere. 

Golden Mountains

Mining and processing of precious metals and precious stones, new deposits and factories, technology development, working with hard ores.

Storehouse of minerals

Extraction and processing of precious metals, gems and enterprises of this sphere.

Articles are prepared by professional journalists on the basis of expert opinions of experts of large and successful enterprises – experts in their field. This practical orientation and at the same time accessible presentation of the material forms a high interest and confidence in the journal.


Readers of the magazine are the CEOs and specialists of the mining industry, who is following the processes and trends occurring in the industry, analyze market offers and looking for new partners.

Readership status 

Heads of enterprises

Technical specialists

Specialists of supply and marketing departments

Companies profile

Coal industry

Oil and gas industry

Mining industry




           «Mining Industry» finds its reader. We pursue a policy of active subscription: in the telephone mode we are learning the readers' preferences and arrange delivery only for interested persons. Thus, the recipient database is continuously updating. This gives a guarantee that the magazine falls into the hands of only loyal readers who are already waiting for a fresh release.

         The magazine is available and widely known. It does not need to go to the kiosk; it does not need to be written out. It is distributed by nominal courier delivery, mailing, as well as at industry events. And, which is very important, completely free.

Printed version

  • Nominal courier delivery and mailing to profile enterprises;
  • Distribution at the matic exhibitions and conferences;
  • Delivery to trade unions, profile associations;
  • Delivery to regional administrations.

Electronic version

  • All materials are duplicated on the website 
  • Publication of the electronic version of the magazine on industry portals;
  • Sending web-version to subscriber's e-mail.

 Use our platform to adress straight to your customer

With the help of what we ensure the success of an advertising campaign?

The highest circulation among the media of the mining industry

The magazine comes out with a circulation of 12 000 copies - this is enough to cover virtually all operating enterprises of the industry.

Only target audience

Readers of the magazine are CEO's and specialists of the profile enterprises responsible for selecting suppliers. It is they who are delivered a magazine with your information.

Well and necessary content

The magazine is informative and interesting to the reader. This ensures that the published information about your company will not be left without attention.

High availability and free delivery

The magazine is distributed by courier service, by mail and at all specialized exhibitions for free. This makes it available, and allows you to reach the maximum number of customers.

Well thought out geographical footprint

Wide geography of presence on one side and an emphasis on the most promising regions will allow you to expand sales markets and reach new customers.

The magazine finds its reader

In the telephone mode we are learning the readers' preferences and arrange delivery only for interested persons.

Engage attention of new clients, expand sales markets and promote your brand together with "mining industry" 

strategic partner of "coal and mining russia" exibition

"Coal and Mining Russia" is rightfully considered a key event in the industry, which annually attracts  thousands of specialists from all over Russia. "Mining Industry" is a strategic partner of this event.
The circulation of the magazine, which is distributed among exhibitors and visitors, is 3,000 copies. This is a huge coverage of the audience - interested top-managers and professionals who are already analyzing the market, choose partners and are considering buying.
 It is these experts who will get the magazine. It is important that we use several distribution methods at once: our own stand, the presentation of the magazine by managers working on exibition and on the principle of "every visitor and participant", stands at the entrances to exhibition pavilions, stand of correspondence participation, business zone.

 We will not miss any of your potential clients at the exhibition!


A powerful set of advertising tools of the magazine allows you to launch an advertising campaign for any marketing task.

Position on covers and in the image-block of the magazine

An excellent tool to underline the brand, draw attention to the company and the product.

Cost: from 37 400 rub.

Publication of articles in subject headings

Tell your potential customers about the benefits of working with your company, the competitive advantages of the product or service.

Cost: from 42 000 rub.

Placement of advertising layouts on internal pages

Show your product's "face" to your potential customers.

Cost: from 16 500 rub.


 "mining industry" in numbers


advertisers with high frequency of output


tons - thas how much weight transport company traces when it sending magazines to the exhibition "Coal and Mining Russia"


sectoral events across Russia, where the magazine was presented to all visitors and participants


permanent subscribers

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